When A woman’s Fed Up is a great read a book that had me reading with one hand over my mouth,  as if to say WTF. I think this is a book not just for women to read but for men who abuse to read. It’s about survival and how these strong women got out of terrible abusive relationships. A must read for everyone. #whenawomansfedup.”

— J.J.

James Johnson, Book Review

This book ‘When A Woman’s Fed Up’ was such an inspiration to me. To read about what all they have encountered in life….the abuse they suffered, how they conquered & WON!!   I SALUTE all of these SELFLESS, POWERFUL, & BEAUTIFUL women, who freely gave so much of themselves to the world. Who shared their stories to let the WORLD KNOW THAT NOW DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAS A VOICE! .”

— L.L.

Latonya Leary, Book Review

When a Woman’s Fed Up seems like it took small snippets of my life and tucked them away in this book. These stories were relatable and necessary dialogue coming from being emotionally and physically abused by a loved one. It validated my thoughts, feelings and allowed me to forgive and move on. I recommend this book to ALL women. Yolanda Jerry is a brilliant writer. The way her story and the other survivors’ stories were presented it relatable. 
Paula T. Farve

CEO/Founder, Naturally For Me Shea Butter, LLC

YJ Empowerment Solutions work with people one on one or in groups to help them make successful change in their lives. Typically, the client has a goal they want to achieve and YJ Empowerment Solutions uses specific skills and strategies to help them achieve it. 
Byron K. Bryant

President/CEO, , iRunMS Entertainment, LLC

I would like to give praise unto the Most High for just always being in the midst of putting people in your life because I’m just stepping out into what God has called me to do and allowed me to meet Dr. Yolanda Jerry.  Her being obedient to the Holy Spirit, she came to speak at my conference and gave her testimony to the women encouraging us no matter what what the storm is, to Keep God first and you will overcome any obstacles. She was a testimony to us and also a phenomenal woman. God has really shown himself through her to be a great spokeswoman.
Nakel Stribling

Dr. Yolanda Jerry is the definition of phenomenal woman! Despite the horrific things that she has encountered in life, such as being a victim to Domestic Violence Abuse and sexual assault, she decided to do something about it! She has turned her pain into power! She got back up and has been using her time, talent, and resources to make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering! Dr.Jerry has proven to be a great advocate, teacher, speaker, and coach! Anyone who comes in contact with her will only rise to higher heights and deeper depths!
Jessica Mosley

Steward-Owner of The MizCEO Entrepreneurial Media Brand

Dr. Yolanda Jerry was in London on the 20 th of April 2019 to speak at my event, DOZ Live Inspirational
Conference (DOZ Live). At this conference, she shared her experience of sexual assault, domestic
violence, bullying, and grief. I found her to be very passionate about inspiring and empowering
women with her story. I thought she was very knowledgeable about the topics she discussed and
had done her research very well. She also demonstrated the ability to hold the audience’s attention.
She spoke for about 45 minutes, but it felt like a few seconds as the audience stayed glued to her all
through. She is a fantastic speaker. I would certainly be inviting her again. I loved the delivery of her
message, and the audience loved it too. I would also recommend her to any individual or
organization seeking a speaker.
Eturuvie Erebor

Host: DOZ Live